[Tutorial] How to extract bones from any games with Noesis

Read or post any tutorial related to file format analysis for modding purposes.
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[Tutorial] How to extract bones from any games with Noesis

Post by Xemnass » Thu Jun 30, 2011 7:37 pm

First, maybe i have to introduce my self =D

My names is Xemnass, I do a lot f jobs whit program languages, 3d model, and graphics in general.
I forgot to say which I'm Italian so, if i do an Horror,not an error, a horror in grammatic, ples forgiveme however why I'm telling you this things XD... so, it is so easy, because after a lot of time which i see this forum and another, which i can't mention because i think that is out of rules XD

However the title of my post explain itselfs, I'm a great fan of all of the Final Fantasy. In confidential I do certainmn task for the square**** or fo the Nin**** but thi isn't important =D

However, I wrote and test a Final Guide to"How to extract bones to any games" because i see, surfing on the internet which thi is a problem for everybody, it was even for me, but at the finish I Understand hoew to do whit a simply 10 "click" =D. Now I will show you how to do that.

For The Expirement we select the game "Final Fantasy Dissidia Duo Decim" but as I said before is the same procedur for all game =D.
************************************** Now We can Start ***********************************************

3DSMax 2012 If you need "something" send me a PM
Any 3dModel's file which Noesis can read =D

We use for our purpose the Leon Model ( From FF VIII );

First extract all files wich you need from http://oasis.xentax.com/files/noesisv331.zip
Now you will have a folder which contain this files:


Now you can startup the program.

When you will startup the program you will see the main interface.
You haven't to touch nothing. Pay your attention to the Folder's Tree which is in your left.
Whit this tree:


Navigate to the folder where you extracted the model's files.

Select the files, for me is " File 007126.GMO (One of Leon's models from Dissidia Duo Decim) "
Dubleclick and NOESIS will load the model in the right part of the main interface.
Now you can see the animations ( if Noesis can read them and a "strange button concernig a skeleton" ).
( For extract bones and Animation i will do a separate Tutorial )

Now sems so streange but the important for our purpose, indeed is tha presence of the "strange button", if this butto appear this means which noesis can read the skeletal informations inside the models =D

Ok this model seems which have them. Allright we can continue. If the Skeletan Information Button "the strange Button", for contract it, SIB, won't appear you cant continue!!! So it is the most important things!!!

Now this is the point where a lot of people had shocked.

How to export it!!!

The format for export it ( only if you want only the model + Bones ) is the:
"SMD Valves"
But is note seample as we can think!

There are 2 precautions to adopt.

First when you go to export the model go to: File->Export FROM PREVIEW;
Second:, when appear to you the Export windows select and set:

Main Output Type: Valve SMD
Check: Flip UV's (for load teh texture properly); Rotate 90;
In the Advanced Options you have to write:

Code: Select all

-scale 20.0

After that you have to download your right versione of the SMD plugin Importer from here:http://www.chaosincarnate.net/cannonfodder/3dsmax.php

Instal the plugin in your "plugins" 3dsmax/maya Folder

When you did that you are ready for import the model:

Open 3dsmax/maya ( if you yet opened and was opened when you installed the progam you have to quit and re-lunch 3dsmax/maya ).

Go to the Icon in the menu bar of the program and then click Import, selcet from the drop down menu the "Half Life 2 SMD" format.

Now yiu do not change enything and pay attentions which all of the 4 options is checked, if not, check them!
when you click "OK"( if you export corectly the model as I said before ( from the preview ) ) it will ask you looking for the "missing texture" he give to you the name and you have only indicate the location of the texture/s which will ask to you navigating trough the folder.

If You Do all corectly remembering to check the "Flip UV's" yopu will have a result like this:

If you see any error on applyng a texture you can simply edit it by edit the UV's Map.

Thank You for You Attention....

Hoping that this will help everybody.

Heloooooooo Woooooooooooooorlllllld

I hope that nobody do a tutorial like this XD =D because i don't do any research!

P.S.=I will post the Image after =D

If you enjoyed it a "thanks" is not a bad idea =D
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Re: [Tutorial]How to extract Bones from any games whit NOESI

Post by Dimitree » Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:56 pm

that works great for me thanks!

I think this topic should moved to 3d section, so it can have more views

btw, is there a way to fix the "texture not found" problem? for world maps is quite insane to choose the texture one by one (they are more than 100 sometimes).

ps. I'm italian too

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Re: [Tutorial] How to extract bones from any games with Noesis

Post by kskui008 » Sat Aug 03, 2019 7:36 am

Hey booked, I do not understand, if it's my work is other games, how can I do, would you like to help me my friends?

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Re: [Tutorial] How to extract bones from any games with Noesis

Post by neonvega » Wed Sep 22, 2021 10:39 pm

will this work with ffxv im having problems extracting the bones for npcs in the game files thru Noesis

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