UE4 console commands

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UE4 console commands

Post by MARK2580 » Mon Sep 27, 2021 4:26 am

Hello forum. I apologize in advance if I am writing in the wrong section, I did not find a more suitable category.

I have a question about console commands for UE4 games. I recently discovered the amazing Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker program and started experimenting with different games, turning on the debug camera, teleporting and... loading maps.
But I came across such a problem that some games use a system when the map consists of several parts, for example, the map itself, and depending on the gameplay, some new locations or scripts appear on it.
In my case, the game has some kind of general map called RootMap and various variations of the map itself, where all sorts of seasonal decorations like Halloween or Christmas are added. I have no idea how to download several parts at once, I only learned about the command "open levelname" ie. the name of the umap file in the game. But how to load RootMap from the beginning, and then add the rest to it, I did not find a solution.
The fact is that when you try to load other parts of the map, the game simply crashes with an error and that's it.

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