PS3 SFD video files.

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PS3 SFD video files.

Post by ryudogaming » Thu May 27, 2021 3:25 pm

Hi I am looking for a way to change the video that is inside a SFD file, I have looked around the internet and tried using some programs to no avail.

SFD is a Softdec video format which uses MPG1 video with SFA audio. Unlike a lot of video files these are not muxed together but are contained within a file with a header pointing to both of them?

There is a similar thread here that is talking about changing the audio in the file which might help.

Me and a few others have been working on translating a ps3 game and we're in the final mile but need this video with subtitles. So we have gotten the video, hardcoded subs on it and now need to get it back in.

I have tried programs like Dreamcast SFD maker thing or PES video converter but they're so old and just crash, if they don't crash they give an error because the video file is about 22mins in length. These programs were all made for small videos roughly 30 seconds long.

Has anyone had any luck with these or can help out in any way?

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Re: PS3 SFD video files.

Post by nebulas » Tue Sep 07, 2021 6:58 am

If you still need that - I write an SFD muxer.


Hope that can help you. If it have any bug, please open an issue on github.

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