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Help with extracting Kingdom Hearts audio voices

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Help with extracting Kingdom Hearts audio voices

Post by Stallone » Sun Aug 23, 2020 2:50 pm


I looked around and I am trying to extract the French voices of Kingdom Hearts 1 ISO (I wouldn't mind being able to do this for KH2 as well since there are no more french dubbing after that)

What is the exact process used for extracting those files?

I have been using PSound, and that allows me to extract a lot of voices (and aaall the MIDI instruments separated - useless to me), but there are clearly some files missing - I have checked Sounds Resources and for english voices the extractor uploaded a lot more.

So I was wondering if there was another way to extract only voices, and all of them.

Thanks very much for helping!

Edit : adding a quick illustration of my issue

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