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Pendulo studios "next big thing" game assets extraction

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Pendulo studios "next big thing" game assets extraction

Post by GoblinKing » Sat Jan 05, 2019 6:46 am

Hi there, this is my 1st post, i've been reading stuff here for loooong time but i never attempted something complex before with any videogame till now, oh and forgive me im learning english so i may write weird things.

There's a game called "the next big thing" also known as "hollywood monsters" by Pendulo Studios, the developers.

Its an old "point & click" game with 3d models that i haven't seen anywhere around, like no one ever tried extract em & mod the game but why? its a shame i like the characters design and well the game is short, is old and then its one of those games with weird unknown extensions & encrypted files idk and i searched through xentax with almost no luck just these topics:


None talks specifically about "The next big thing" just related games made by the same developer, plus i don't understand how to use those "codes/scripts" do you have to just copy & paste that info in some .txt file and then rename it to something else and execute? anyway.

The game has 3 folders, Dataa, Datav and Resourse folder, 2 of them have all their files with .000 extension, the last one "Resource" looks complicated it has several different extensions like:
.A01, A02, A03 and so on till .A10
.B01... till .B08

and well screenshots work better:

by the way, the game version i have is from STEAM, the most recent/final version, maybe an older/different version has different file extensions? hmm..

So anyone knows how to do it? or have an idea about where i should start? like any tool/software that could work with these kind of files? in the links above people talk about" "scripts" and they post the entire code, how that works? anyway ill read more about what XpoZed says in this topic: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=8647&hilit=Runaway looks like the answer plus he has some "tools" idk if those will help me with this problem but welp, trial & error right? :p

OHH i almost forgot, another old game im checking and trying to get models out of it has .SCENE extensions how do you open those? thx in advance guys i hope im not spamming or posting useless info, if the answers are already there somewhere help me with some links :p and then i guess the mod can lock/erase this topic.

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