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Post by z22901206 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:52 am

So much ".data" files after depressing the "LINKDATA.BIN".
Based on the file header, i add some filename extension for it.
I have no way if the file don't have obvious header.

I just guess that KTSR is more possiblity contain sounds.
There is already a topic, but no result.

Samples here:!nT4AxKhJ!CEcizjWhHSP6 ... a7rDHaM8R8

By the way, i also upload some SAMURAI WARRIORS 4-II samples.
I am sure that the battle voices are not in VOICE.BIN, as you can hear the battle voice with a 0 KB VOICE.BIN.
But i am more unsure which files contains sounds, or i even not find and upload it.
If you know something, please tell me.

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Post by allangod » Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:40 am

From my expirience with extracting sounds/music from Dynasty Warriors games (and other koei tecmo games like Nioh) is that they use KOVS audio files (a type of ogg vorbis file). If you have an HexEditor, look for "KOVS" and see if there are any (you'll have to extract them manually, unless you can create a BMS script). Someday i'll get WO4 and see it for myself, but I am no tech wizard.

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