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GUN .img.xbx

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GUN .img.xbx

Post by devmode » Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:02 pm

Can someone help me with specifying this graphic format?

GUN on PC uses same formats as in Tony Hawk's Underground 1-2 on Xbox platform. But except extensions, .img.xbx files doesn't seems very similar.

That's my draft specification:

Code: Select all

int16 version		# 0x06
int16 subversion? 	# 0x28

int32 unknown	# crc? might be 0x0
int16 width
int16 height
int16 widthAdjusted
int16 heightAdjusted

# Pixelformat

byte unknown	# always 1
byte bitCount	# 32, 8..
byte depth??	# 0 32..
byte unknown 	# mipmaps??

int32 unknown	# always 1 ?
int32 unknown	# always 0x28 ?
int32 unknown	# 0x3C for 8 bit or 0xFFFFFFFF for 32 bit
int32 unknown	# 0xFFFFFFFF

int32 unknown	# 0x01
int16 unknown	# 0x01
int16 unknown	# 0x04
int32 unknown	# 0x00
int32 unknown	# 0x00

int32 unknown	# 0x00
int32 unknown	# 0x00
int16 unknown	# 0x01 for 8 bit
unt16 unknown	# 0xC003 for 8 bit
int32 unknown	# 0x2000 for 8 bit

#Palette size for 8 bit - 256 ???
#Offset 0x80: Image data start
In attach I provide a logo texture from main menu screen. it's ripped texture, which show how should looks like.

Thanks in advance.
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