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porting Bioware content to Bethesda engine

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porting Bioware content to Bethesda engine

Post by adludum » Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:25 pm

In the past few months I worked on a niche novelty project. The idea was to see if I can find a way to automatically port content from Bioware games to Bethesda engine.

In particular my proof of concept was focused on porting Dragon Age Origins content (focus mainly on quests, dialogues) to Skyrim engine, all done automatically, bypassing any official toolsets.

Here are some results (the examples follow the female mage storyline from DA:O) ... aL5lsC9mmw

The same process can be used to port say KoTOR to Fallout 4.

Here is the current repository

The Bethesda part is based on Figment/Snip and the Bioware part is inspired by Rick(@gibbed) and some of his work Dragon Age related

This project is just a thought experiment.

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