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Flyff Decrypter

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Flyff Decrypter

Post by mrharvey » Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:03 pm

Hello together I needed for the following file a decrypter what I know is that you get the key through the Neuz.exe which is all encrypted.

I would like to do the whole thing myself but unfortunately I have 0% knowledge of C++ C# or some other kind of programming because I only specialize in 3ds Max.

If someone should be able to decrypt it, i.e. write me a decrypter, I would be happy and even if it is desired what the person will pay if you do not demand too much, of course.

What's in the appendix:
All files I would bring unzipped (could contain *.o3d, *.dds, *.sfx and more)
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