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MX vs ATV UNLEASHED: CRASH FIX 2018!? Read this to find out!

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MX vs ATV UNLEASHED: CRASH FIX 2018!? Read this to find out!

Post by +COTAY » Sat Sep 01, 2018 10:20 am

Hi all,

I think I found a way to fix the M O T H E R F * C K I N G crash that many users have experienced since 2006 when playing this game on laptops with onboard graphic cards [like Intel GPUs] :D

>>>> NOTE: the following workaround was discovered today 1st of september 2018 around 2AM by me EL NEGRO ANTONIO [a.k.a The Black Anthony] after years and years of hard work and testing.. so if this sh*t works for you too, be polite and at least say thanks, comprende amig@? <<<<

OK, so these are the steps you should follow in order to enable the fix in your computer. In case you need help, reply to this post, ok?


[1] Get the awesome MULTI-EX COMMANDER game modding tool at:
... and donate if you consider MultiEX useful, ok?...

[2] In order to learn how to open\unpack\repack .PAK files, you should watch this video by one of the best modders this game ever had > FALLGUY 104:
... and sub to his channel if you consider his help useful, ok?...

[3] Now that you know how to open, unpack (extract) and repack .PAK files, go to "C:\<GAME ROOT FOLDER>\MX vs. ATV Unleashed\data" and choose whatever race track you like [eg, the first motocross track named LAGO a.k.a. Nat05.pak] and extract all of its files to a folder in your desktop.
Tip: make a backup copy of the Nat05.PAK file in case something goes wrong ;)

[4] Navigate to your desktop-> locate the folder that contains the newly extracted files -> find the only file with .TOY extension in the folder [eg, C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\Desktop\<FOLDER WITH EXTRACTED FILES>\Data\Env\Nat05\Nat05.TOY].
Tip: use the search bar to find such file ;)

[5] Open the .TOY file -> find this line: NumberOfSunFlares=1 and replace 1 with 0.

[6] Now find this other line: FlareAlpha= and replace whatever number you see after the = with 50.

[7] Now watch again the above video and repack all the files you unpacked in Step 3.

[8] Now paste your new Nat05.PAK file in "C:\<GAME ROOT FOLDER>\MX vs. ATV Unleashed\data" and replace the old Nat05.PAK

[9] Now run the game to see if this workaround works :)


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