video to 640x448 .thp converter?

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video to 640x448 .thp converter?

Post by Mickyelloow » Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:10 am

Hi there!

I have questions about .thp files I found in one of my games (if you are curious, Rio for Wii). I want to edit them, but they are in 640x448 (not the standard 640x480) and I have a hard time finding a software that can create .thp files with this resolution and that isn't junkware. Yes, I tried using a 640x480 as the new video, but that resulted in it playing in slow motion in the game. Meanwhile, VLC could read it fine at normal speed.

I already converted them from .thp to .mp4. Now I want to convert them back with the correct resolution. If anyone is aware of a video to 640x448 (or any custom resolution) .thp converter, please tell me! I'm sure someone else has ran into this problem as well.

EDIT: I also tried speeding up the videos by 1.5x to compensate the speed lost. But, I had 2 issues while trying 2 methods:
1- If I sped up the video and boosted the framerate with it by 1.5x (to keep all the frames), converting to .thp resulted in the video going back to 29.9699fps and the sound not changing back to normal speed (so the video was at normal speed and the sound was still sped up).
2- If I sped up the video while keeping the original 29.9699fps, It would probably work all the time, but it will result in lost frames (going from a 29.9699fps video to about 20fps removes 1/3 of all the frames. So, it wouldn't be a fluid video AND would not reach my expectations).

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Re: video to 640x448 .thp converter?

Post by Norita82 » Mon Sep 20, 2021 11:29 am

there is a video converter with the name Format Factory...try that converter. you can input custom resolution including 640x448....and it's not a good idea to change the speed or FPS....try changing other codec if available.
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