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Midnight Club II (PS2) *.PSS Movie - Unusual audio format

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Midnight Club II (PS2) *.PSS Movie - Unusual audio format

Post by HirokiHiguchi69 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:16 am


Can somebody help me cracking the audio format of movies used in Midnight Club II (PS2)?

Usually, the PS2 PSS files consist of MPEG2 Streams + PS2 ADPCM (Uncompressed). But, this one is completely different.

With this game, playing them with MFAudio (or any video players supporting the format) only static noises yet barely audible sounds could be heard (Weird thing is, in MFAudio the audio was detected as 12000Hz as opposed of 48000Hz audio found in most PS2 games.)

I'll included the sample of audio streams if needed (It's the Rockstar Games logo).

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