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need help with Dead or alive model convertion(DoA3 to DoA2U)

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need help with Dead or alive model convertion(DoA3 to DoA2U)

Post by b0ny » Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:00 am

hi everybody.
I made a conversion tool for models from doa3 to doa2u. but because i do lack knowledge on some values(badly i can't reverse "greed explorer"), it's shitty and work's wrong. if there's someone that can help me, please do it...

i found that both doa3 and doau contains the same test stage(a hexagon with different types of walls). researching this stage was very helpful and my converter converts it perfectly :) (i also made a program that's looking in all models of the game, for what values can take a certain variable)

bellow is an image, with the same "OBJ" represented in doau and doa3 xpr, that shows my conversion method:
from what i found:
- green and yellow parts are copied directly
- gray are constant
- about uncolored values, in doau OBJ, i don't know shit, and i use the same values
- and purple(which is the amount of vectors) is calculated(incorrectly most times) like this:

for(each doa3vector) doa3allVectors += doa3vector + 4;
//and right after this "for" i do this
doa2vector = doa3allVectors - 4;

also if you ask me, i can share more information i have. please help


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Re: need help with Dead or alive model convertion(DoA3 to Do

Post by CriticalError » Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:39 am

umm well some of them maybe help Dead or Alive tools [download]

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