Help Trying to Make Plugin For Noesis

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Help Trying to Make Plugin For Noesis

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So I should start by saying I'm a total noob that doesn't know a lick about coding, but I'm hoping to learn enough to do what I'm trying to achieve.

I'm trying to rip the motion data from the mobile game Ensemble Stars Music!! for MMD but the fbx file to vmd converter plugin ( ... -809252773 isnt able to capture all the motion/expressions as it wasn't designed for this game specifically.


Most of the motion is captured, but certain things such as the right middle finger, forearms, and as stated earlier, the expressions are lost during the conversion. My goal is to make a script that is more tailored to the game so it can flawlessly convert all the motion, however as stated I have no coding knowledge and have no idea where to start. Would it be possible to use someone else's script as a framework to develop it? I'm unsure if that would be the easiest approach.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for anyone who took the time to read my confused ramblings.
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