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Story of Seasons .BUM Model Format Extraction

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Story of Seasons .BUM Model Format Extraction

Post by DahniMae »

hello there, I need some help interpreting the model data inside of .bum files, which appears to be a format used in marvelous games, theres a thread or two here already that had some scripts specific to their games that used the .bum format

however, none of the tools i found worked in my case, as I'm trying to open the models for story of seasons fomt and story of seasons awl for the switch :( there was a couple noesis scripts that i tried and they only came back with an error, didnt export anything either, and theres a dead link to a bumviewer tool that i think doesnt exist anymore, as i was not able to find a link for it

If there's anyone around that still remembers this format, i'd greatly appreciate any insight into it, and if it helps, the sos awl game has a debug cube inside it in the .bum file format, so if anyone wants to see an extremely simple model in that format to take a look id be happy to show it, as it is just a cube
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