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anyone can convert Valkyrie Anatomia Animation(*.pck)?

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anyone can convert Valkyrie Anatomia Animation(*.pck)?

Post by einherjar007 » Sun Sep 01, 2019 2:48 pm


Thanks to akderebur, Valkyrie Anatomia's model is now available.
Although it is a low polygon, it is a very beautiful model.

The hope is thin, but it would be great if the animation could be extracted.

The animation file is a *.pck file in the character folder.
There are several *.pck files in anatomia, but not all seem to be common.
For example, there is a *.pck in the weapon folder, but it is a mesh. It has nothing to do with anime.
I guess the *.pck for animation is unique.

Why should Anatomia animation be extracted?
That's because the animation was borrowed from many Square Enix games.
Since many characters have appeared, there are many animations
It includes many Star Ocean, past Valkyrie profiles, and various IP animations.

An animation pck file was prepared. Battle is a battle animation, and viewer is a viewer mode animation.
viewer.jpg captures the pose of the viewer mode.
mdl is a model file that can be converted by akderebur tool.

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Re: anyone can convert Valkyrie Anatomia Animation(*.pck)?

Post by Darkhowlings » Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:59 pm

I wanted to give a shot and get models, but, my phone it is too old for the game and every Android Emu has end very bad on my PC.

Still, that game it is like a dream for old school fans of Valkyrie Profile!

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