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AFL Evolution 2018 animation files

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AFL Evolution 2018 animation files

Post by netslave » Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:32 pm

Hi, I am trying to get usable animation files to import into Unity or Unreal from the game:
AFL Evolution - ... Evolution/
I downloaded the demo and extracted the assets from pak.waz file, it includes a /player/animation directory.
I have included a sample of some of the animation files and also a model/rig to apply them to.
The animation files have a .wwa extension (also some smaller .wwsa files for some as well), I believe this
stands for Wicked Witch Animation file, a custom file format.
It could have originally been mocap data fed into 3ds max.
I assume the files would include vertex data for the skeleton and maybe a 3x2/3 array for the
transform/rotation/(scale if used).
Magic byte is 49 00 00 00 for .wwa and 1E 00 00 00 for .wwsa
Was hoping someone could provide some guidance or a tool to convert the data if possible?
Thanks. ...

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