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Disgaea 1 complete sprites

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Disgaea 1 complete sprites

Post by lmaone96 » Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:12 pm

Hi everyone C;
I'm trying to extract some sprites from the switch version of Disgaea 1 complete, but so far I had no luck :C
I already extracted the main game files, but I'm stuck at a .DAT file that I can't seem to open.
This .DAT, that should very probably contain the files I'm looking for (the sprite sheet files, and they're probably in the .SH extension) was found inside another .DAT (start.dat) that I was able to open thanks to some Disgaea PC tools,since Disgaea 1 complete is basically a ported version of Disgaea PC.
I need these sprites (.SH) files in order to finish a HD patch that I'm making for Disgaea PC,in order to play it with HD sprites :)
If anyone knows how to extract these files, please help me! Or even if anyone knows if Disgaea 1 complete uses/has .SH files in the first place.. çç
I'm assuming that because a lot of files are the same :O
And if anyone is interested in the patch, don't hesitate to pm me or reply for infos :P

EDIT : It may be useful to post the beginning of the file when I open it in HxD, maybe someone knows what type of file this .dat really is ^^

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