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we happy few localization

Need help translating games in other languages? Have your language problems solved here.
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we happy few localization

Post by elybelbely » Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:33 am

I want to translate we happy few
so I unpacked "GlimpseGame-WindowsNoEditor" and got "GlimpseGame.locres" in "\Content\Localization\GlimpseGame\en" and translated a few lines and packed again using "quickbms" but nothing changed! and I cant find font files to change them.
any help?

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Re: we happy few localization

Post by elybelbely » Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:58 am

ANY Help? I translated the game. but I need to change the font. There is txt help in game but it's just for steam. I want to edit font without steam.
We Happy Few : Steam Workshop Community Localization

We Happy Few enables players to take localization (translating the game into a different language)
into their own hands, by allowing them to publish custom translations to Steam as Workshop items.
If anyother player subscribes to this localization item, the new language will appear ingame under
the language options.

This README documents this process and the accompanying SteamWorkshopPublisher tool.


* To create a new localization:

1) first accept ... lagreement if you haven't yet

2) in <SteamLibrary>\steamapps\common\WeHappyFew\GlimpseGame\Localization\:
copy GlimseGame-native.po to GlimpseGame-mine.po

3) edit GlimpseGame-mine.po with

4) run the following command in <SteamLibrary>\steamapps\common\WeHappyFew\Engine\Binaries\Win64:

SteamWorkshopPublisher.exe -createLocalization -culture=<two letter language iso code>
-languageName="<name you want to show up in the language options ingame>"
-poFile="<full path to GlimpseGame-mine.po>" -nativePoFile="<full path to GlimpseGame-native.po>"
-title="<Steam Workshop item title>" -description="<Steam Workshop item description>"
<optional custom font support via -replaceFonts , see Custom Font Support section below>

5) write down the published file id the tool reports

* To update an existing localization:

1) make the necessary edits & updates
2) run the same command but with -updateLocalization in stead of -createLocalization
and add the parameter -publishedFileId=<the id you wrote down>

* To get a new language ingame:

1) go to We Happy Few's Steam Workshop in the steam client
2) subscribe to the localization item of your choice
3) new language should appear as a language option ingame

Creating a new localization for We Happy Few

Our localization files use the Portable Object or .po file format, an industry standard localization
format. To create a new localization, you will have to create a copy of GlimpseGame-native.po and
replace the English translations with translations in the language you want to add. You'll find
this native .po file in <SteamLibrary>\steamapps\common\WeHappyFew\GlimpseGame\Localization\

To edit .po files you can use PoEdit, which is available as a free download at

To publish this new translation to the Steam Workshop, we have provided a command line tool:
SteamWorkshopPublisher.exe. This tool is installed with the game, you'll find it by default at
<SteamLibrary>\steamapps\common\WeHappyFew\Engine\Binaries\Win64 . You need to provide this tool
with several parameters:

- a command, which can be createLocalization or updateLocalization
- the culture iso code of the language you add
- the name of the language as it will show up ingame
- the full path of the original GlimpseGame-native.po file you used to create your translation
- the full path of your own edited localization, eg GlimpseGame-mydutchtranslation.po
- a title and description you want your item to have in the Steam Workshop

Example command:

SteamWorkshopPublisher.exe -createLocalization -culture=nl -languageName="Dutch"
-poFile="c:\temp\GlimpseGame-dutch.po>" -nativePoFile="c:\temp\GlimpseGame-native.po"
-title="Dutch Translation" -description="My translation of We Happy Few in Dutch"

The workshop item will automatically be published as a public item.

Custom Font Support

The fonts used in We Happy Few are not able to render all conceivable scripts. If your localized
language needs custom fonts to support a specific script - eg thai, japanese or chinese characters,
the tool now offers support for replacing fonts in the game with custom provided fonts. You have the
option to either replace all fonts with a single font, or replace individual fonts with one of
your chosing, or a combination of both - replacing several fonts with a fallback for the rest. This
allows you to support any language while maintaining a visually pleasant UI experience. Replacement fonts
will only be used for those unicode characters that are present in the custom font. If the game wants to
render characters your custom font does not support, it will fall back to the fonts present in the game.

To enable this system, we have added an additional command line parameter -replaceFonts that can be passed
when creating or updating a localization. Here are two examples on how to use it:

1) -replaceFonts "<path to font>"

when ran with a single path to a font, this font will replace *all* ingame fonts for the characters
it contains. Characters not present in the font will still be rendered with the usual ingame fonts.

2) -replaceFonts "<originalFontName1>;<path1>;<originalFontName2>;<path2>"

when called with a ;-separated list like above, the game will replace font face originalFontName1
with the font at path1 and font face originalFontName2 with the font found at path2

3) -replaceFonts "<originalFontName1>;<path1>;<originalFontName2>;<path2>;<fallbackPath>"

you can also add an additional path at the end as a general fallback - it will replace 1 and 2 like
before, but it will also replace all other fonts with the one specified at fallbackPath.

Note that we also support wildcards at the end of the original fontname. For instance:


will ensure the following substitutions:

'SemplicitaLight' -> c:\fonts\thaiPlicitaLight.ttf
All other fonts starting with 'Semplicita' -> c:\fonts\thaiPlicita.ttf
All other fonts -> c:\fonts\thaiDefault.ttf

Publishing Remarks

1) In order for SteamWorkshopPublisher to work, your local Steam Client must be running & logged on

2) Anyone who wants to publish to the Steam Workshop needs to accept Valve's workshop legal agreement.
If you have not accepted this agreement yet, your published items will not be public until you have.
If that is the case, the tool should inform you of this, including a link to the agreement: ... lagreement

3) When you publish an item, the tool will give you the corresponding PublishedFileId. Write this down if
you want to be able to update your item.

Updating an existing localization

The process for updating an existing localisation is almost the same. Edit your localization, and then
run the same command as you used for creating the localization, only specifying -updateLocalization as
command in stead of -createLocalization, and adding the parameter -publishedFileId=xxxxx passing the
id you received when you created the item.

If you have lost this id, you can look it up by opening your workshop item in the Steam Workshop. The
url at the top will have this form: ... /?id=<your id>&searchtext=

Installing a localization

To get a new language, it suffices to subscribe to the workshop item in the Steam Workshop.

Once subscribed, when you next launch We Happy Few, the new language should appear as an option in the
language selection dropdown. There are some exceptions you should be aware of:

1) You cannot provide community localization for the languages We Happy Few ships with (English and French)
2) If the language still does not appear, something has gone wrong in the process
These are files in "GlimpseGame-WindowsNoEditor[.pak]\Content\UI\Fonts"

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Re: we happy few localization

Post by nourancairo » Fri Mar 01, 2019 5:14 pm

انت بتعرف تستخدم quick bms ???? قولى ازاى استخدمه مع لعبه la noire

وهو بيطلع ملفات اللغة وبيدمجها باللعبة ولا استخدامه ايه ؟؟؟؟

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