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Noesis Animations

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Noesis Animations

Post by Crazy » Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:36 pm

Hello, I'm trying to implement animation support in a noesis plugin. I've already been able to read animation data such as its name, keyframes, etc., as described here, but I'm with a doubt about how append this animation so for noesis load it. Probably I must use setAnims (as the original code does) but I've no idea how it handle data structure. Could anyone help?

Here's the code (parse_animations it's the code that I did)

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Re: Noesis Animations

Post by Kerilk » Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:05 am

I only used animations in Noesis using the c++ interface (, but nonetheless the process should be similar in python:
  • for each animation :
    - create a (local) transform matrix for each bone of the model
    - create an animation out of the matrices using rpgAnimFromBonesAndMatsFinish (bones, bone_number, matrices, frameCount, frameRate);
    - put this anim in a list
  • create an animation from you list of animation:
    - int anims_num = animList.Num();
    - noesisAnim_t *anims = rapi->Noesis_AnimFromAnimsList(animList, anims_num);
  • set the model to use the animation: rapi->rpgSetExData_AnimsNum(anims, 1);
The api suggests that other approaches might be viable but I never managed to achieve it any other way.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

for reference:

Code: Select all

noesisAnim_t *anim = rapi->rpgAnimFromBonesAndMatsFinish(bones, bone_number, matrixes, frameCount, 60);
	if (!anim) {
		DBGLOG("Could not create anim for %s (out of memory?)!\n", fname);

	anim->filename = rapi->Noesis_PooledString(fname);
	anim->aseq = rapi->Noesis_AnimSequencesAlloc(1, frameCount);
	anim->aseq->s->startFrame = 0;
	anim->aseq->s->endFrame = frameCount - 1;
	anim->aseq->s->frameRate = 60;
	anim->aseq->s->name = rapi->Noesis_PooledString(fname);
	if (anim)

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Re: Noesis Animations

Post by Crazy » Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:35 pm

Hello, thank you for your answer. I did some tries based in python scripts, but didn't work.


Code: Select all

for i in range(animCount):
    anim = Animation()
    anim.extents = NoeVec3.fromBytes(self.inFile.readBytes(12)) = self.read_name()
    anim.unknown = self.inFile.readInt()
    anim.time = self.inFile.readUInt()
    anim.frameCount = self.inFile.readUInt()
    animMat = []

    for j in range(anim.frameCount):

    for k in range(self.numBones):
        for j in range(anim.frameCount):
            pos = NoeVec3.fromBytes(self.inFile.readBytes(12))
            rot = NoeQuat.fromBytes(self.inFile.readBytes(16)).transpose()
            mat = rot.toMat43() 
            mat.__setitem__(3, pos)

    noeAnim = NoeAnim(, self.boneList, anim.frameCount, animMat, 30.0)

I would like to try your suggestion, but I'm with a doubt about how "transformations" work in lithtech .abc models. I can provide the plugin with a model for testing purpose.

Besides, here's the model animation reference. ... nimation-1

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