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(GCN) Rocket Power - Beach Bandits .PAK issue opening

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(GCN) Rocket Power - Beach Bandits .PAK issue opening

Post by ohmman » Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:26 am

Me and my friend are toying around with this gamecube iso and custom textures, and we wanted to get this PAK file open to change sounds or models maybe. My friend was trying to get this .PAK file open and he tried everything he knew how to do and couldn't get it open, only could preview files inside. I honestly know nothing and he suggested I ask here, so if anyone knows any tips or tricks that could help me, or some program that can pack/unpack any pak file?

Here's the PAK for if anyone wants to investigate it, it's a little big because it's pretty much 90% of the game lol: ... TF0Yi1VSGM

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