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Mendoza Story [Mod]

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Mendoza Story [Mod]

Post by Elephantkilla » Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:23 pm

Hello! I do not know for sure whether it is possible to share my creativity here, but I will try. I will share my mod that I created for the game 25 To LIfe.
This is Mendoza Story. Download here:, ... o-life-mod
Instead of playing for all kinds of niggas, you have to play for your own Lara Croft of this game.

Features Game:
* Game for Mendoza.
* Ability to choose a weapon for a single game.
* Unlocked all weapons.
* Updated difficulty levels.
* Standard maps under the new atmosphere
* New adversary. Including which you did not know before..
I'm looking for a team of C ++ programmers with reverse engineering knowledge. Discord: Elephantkilla #8584

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