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REZ Files Opening from No One Lives Forever 1

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REZ Files Opening from No One Lives Forever 1

Post by Tgames » Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:05 am

Hi everyone !

I'm currently testing the XeNTaX Multi EX Commander (a really great software who work great on lot of games).

I got an issue with the REZ file (LITH_PS2.REZ) of No one Lives Forever 1 (PS2 Version).

I can extract manually by hex editing files but not with this software. The software "freeze".

I need all voices files from the PS2 REZ file to replace them in the PC port. Theses files in the REZ are exactly the same as PC port.
The PS2 port is the only version who have french voices. The PC port has only english voices.
The files between the two version (PS2/PC) are identical in formats and have same names !

The REZ file of the PC port works fine on the software.

The PS2 REZ structure is similar (but with some differences).
So maybe this REZ is not supported yet by this software, can someone check if it's not supported ?

Also, i need to extract files from DRAGON1 and DRAGON2 files structures from Dragon Lore 1 Gold (PC game by Cryo Interactive)
It's like BIGFILE (very very similar, almost identical !) of Cryo Interactives but i can't get them opened in the software.

I would like to replace some files on theses DRAGON1/DRAGON2 like i already do this on others Cryo Interactives game.
To made a full translations into french. It's a english only game.

It would be cool if someone can support theses on the software !

Contact me by PM if you need some "tests" files.

Thanks a lot for the software by the way :wink:

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