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Tzar - Burden of the Crown - Command line options

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Tzar - Burden of the Crown - Command line options

Post by Mr.Mouse » Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:41 pm

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Tzar: Burden of the Crown 

Command line arguments: 

-help				: start the game in it's help dialog. exiting the page will quit the game
-record <filename>	: record the next mission/battle, close the game to end the recording?
-demo <filename>	: replay a recorded match
-nomovies			: starts the game right into a multiplayer page, where you can select to join or create a game 
-nomin				: unknown
*.wcm				: start a campaign file from the beginning
*.wmp 				: starts a map file 
-explore			: starts a map completely revealed  
-dumpvideo			: unknown
-dumpaudio			: unknown
-multiinst			: unknown
-map <mapname>		: load (custom) map, needs to reside in the Maps folder
-nonetversioncheck	: unknown, probably telling the multiplayer control not to compare net versions when looking for games ?
-nofog				: presumably no fog in a game
-lockview 			: unknown
-noautosave			: game will not autosave sessions

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