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Can I break my own format?

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Can I break my own format?

Post by QQyL » Wed Nov 28, 2018 1:50 am

Hi guys, I am new on this community. I didn't write clearly open my question. I couldn't find where to write. This place seems to be appropriate.

I am developing a binary file format for my game. With the same method, even files such as pictures, music, zip can be added but yet I have not developed until that part. I want to try myself.

I will share the sample file with three messages. Messages are as follows
  • Thank you solve this
  • How to solve this bro?
  • I've just wondering
Let me talk a bit about the file format;

4bytes Signature
1byte Pad Byte
2bytes Version
4bytes Max Line Number (message count is 3)
1byte Header end

# Body (The following is for a message.)
4bytes part1 length
4bytes part2 length
1byte part1 start
1byte part1 end
1byte part2 start
1byte part2 end
2bytes new line

Trick: Part1 and Part2 data can be mixed to find and decode the encrypted data.

Download file:

Thank you for interest.

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