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CEX now selling retro games- the true death of Car Boots?

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:15 pm
by MichaelSmith

So yeah, this has been already mentioned, but CEX have started selling retro games for the past few months, and yeah, it was pretty damn bad news. Luckily, until recently, there was no CEX where I live. One did open though last month, and since it has opened up, there have been almost 0 games at the car boots and charity shops- not even stuff like EA sports games. I was then disgusted to find out from a person at the till after buying a NES joystick that employees from CEX have been buying up literally any games they see at car boots, charity shops, and if there are bargains, gumtree and preloved. Even worse, I have a few long distance friends who confirmed the situation is the same in their neck of the woods. I'm uttlerly speechless at this- CEX are cornering the market entirely. Retro game shops can kiss their sweet ass goodbye to any money. And while they aren't stocking all retro systems, as their website shows, I'm certain that soon they'll be taking in anything, as since they started selling them, NES and Game Boy Advance have been added. Ebay is pretty much my only option, for now, as who knows, maybe that'll dry up at the rate things are going now.

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