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Mizzurna Falls Translation (PS1)

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Mizzurna Falls Translation (PS1)

Post by TON » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:46 pm

Hi Guys!

You know, there is a great PS1 game: Mizzurna Falls. This game similar than Silent Hill. Great story, great graphics, open world, cool characters.
The problem is that the game came out in Japan only.
A girl/boy translated every scripts in english, but she/he cant finish his work because as far as I know the hacker cant fix the bugs during text implementation and the game freezed with the translated english text.
So she/he gave up the project some days ago and published the translated texts.
I'm just would like to ask some help to hack the iso and import the translated texts into this great game. Trust me this game deserve it!
I uploaded the extracted files from iso. You can find here: (dunno which one contains the text)

Thanks in advance!

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