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Issue trying to rip models from Kameo: Elements Of Power

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Issue trying to rip models from Kameo: Elements Of Power

Post by CraftyMaelyss » Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:47 am

Hey guys! So a friend and myself took on a project to rip/extract the models from a game created by Rare called
Kameo: Elements Of Power. So far we've had pretty much no luck trying to extract the game models and the main
tool my friend uses is NinjaRipper.

We've made a discord server too for convenience sake:

If anyone could help us with this(because we seriously need some help and someone might enjoy a good challenge)
we would seriously appreciate it!

We just need those models, then I can pretty much rig them and create some for Source Film Maker and maybe even
Gmod but we can't do this without the models from the game itself.

There's currently 2 ISOs from the game that we have:
Unreleased Beta(XBOX)
Released game(360)

Again if anyone can help us out, please let us know because we've really been stuck on this one.

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