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Fuel Model and Texture Research

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Fuel Model and Texture Research

Post by octaviousrex » Tue Feb 09, 2016 11:50 pm

I bought a copy of Fuel. I was trying to just get to the vehicle meshes to see what they were like but I don't know which folder is which. but as I am playing it I see that there are texture files for the people and I'd like to be able to edit them for fun and play. so this isn't just about how to get at the models. it's also about how to extract texture files,edit them and then reinsert them into normal game play.

I have taken the liberty to take screens of the file structure and what's in the main folders they should be included below.

any help will be greatly appreciated. none of the main forms of ripping seem to access anything. not ninja ripper,not DX ripper hell not even a graphical analyser that got me into other games I couldn't get into before.

and I have found at least one vehicle on a russian website for model extraction as seen here : http://p3dm.ru/files/1418_general-custer-.html I have tried to write to the ripper listed but they are notorious in not sharing their secrets.

at any rate I thank you all for your time and efforts to help me. once I know what files are best to upload I'll upload some sample files for people to work with. these screens are to help us both not waste time when it comes to getting at the models and figuring out the texture format so that I can edit it and reinsert it for game play. thank you once more.

screenshots found here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/st2kdd ... h_Research

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