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7th Guest VDX

Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2021 3:38 pm
by atsushiDM
Buying this amazing game on GOG, I've realized that my native localisation of this game is largerly inaccurate, moreover, timing in subtitles is wrong, so they are quite buggy. Having solved this, I've decided to make a patch with complete translation of puzzles (which are still in English) and change some colours in FMVs, as well as move one of them to another place (The FMV with Temple's death, it should happen in the basement according to the original novel) by frame-by-frame edition.
I've already managed to extract all contents from original video-files using T7g Toolset, but I don't have a tool to insert my edited cutscenes inside. Looking into "about" section of "25th anniversary edition", I've found that they edited VDX with "VDX Creation tool by Scott Thomas", but I've failed to find it on web, as well as any means to write him.
So, please, would you help me with realisation of this patch? This tool or some analogue would be of great help. I know that there's plenty of research on VDX on Xentax wiki-page, but I'm really bad at programming.