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C's Ware's Lucid Motion "neo animation engine"

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C's Ware's Lucid Motion "neo animation engine"

Post by Internetakias » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:32 pm

Lucid Motion is a video format used by C's Ware in various SEGA Saturn and PC games, like Desire and Eve Burst Error. It's capable of 640x360 8-bit color video at 15 FPS, has a .vid extensions and a tVid header. I'm looking for a way to play back video files in this format. Any help is appreciated!

Sample:!cclCHY4D!znn6yADiDJKX ... HiphAcccZk

How it should look like decoded:!4M9GhDRb!ae24CqOSxrJO ... Tc62ziQ_7k
(This was recorded straight from "Desire" so there may be lost frames)

EDIT: It seems that some of Desire's cutscenes are actually 640x480 pixels big, but everything else is still the same as what I said above.

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