No More Heroes (.rsl & STRIMAG2)

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No More Heroes (.rsl & STRIMAG2)

Post by BIDLOV » Wed Jun 16, 2021 3:51 pm

Hello! I apologize in advance if my English is a little bit cranky, but I think it is better than nothing. :)

We need your help to create a program that can pack and unpack all available data that contains in a file with an extension ".rls".

The rls-file contains:

*Some text that you can read when you play*
STRIMAG2 (former STRIMAGE that was used in Killer 7)

As you can see this file has a STRIMAG2 signature. And this STRIMAG2 contains pixel data.

It works like this: each symbol (that you can see when you play) NMH sees as a set of coordinates that correspond to the symbol whereabouts in the picture that contains font. At least, we think it works that way.

Thing is we need to edit pixel data and font so we can change glyphs and in-game text.

Files:!AuO5yZQ5wr4elyEwrS3 ... Z?e=WYwtxM


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