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Tales of Symphonia JP text files (steam/PS2)

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Tales of Symphonia JP text files (steam/PS2)

Post by weirdalsuperfan » Sun Jun 30, 2019 2:45 pm

I'm trying to get as many Japanese text/script files as possibly from Tales of Symphonia.

I couldn't find anything in the (American?) Steam version, so I checked the Japanese PS2 version, and found some text inside these files:


which I was able to just extract as regular archives and then pull the strings from (which were Shift-JIS encoded).

Looking at the resulting text, though, I'm not really sure if this is really supposed to be the entire game text/subtitles.
I tried using an AFSPacker on a bunch of files I found in the other .CVM archives, but I couldn't read anything else as Shift-JIS.

Does anybody have/know how to get at the Japanese scripts for this game?

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