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ermaccer's Tools (multiple games)

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 2:49 pm
by ermaccer
I thought it'll be a good idea to sum all my stuff in one topic, hopefully attracting more people to it.

The Tools:

Made Man (PC)
- dds2wim - Convert DDS textures into WIM
- wim2dds - Convert WIM into DDS textures

The Punisher (PC)
- vpptool - Extracts and creates .VPP archives with support for compressed ones.

Battle Mages (PC)
- ungdp - Extracts .gdp archives
- ModelConverter - Convers models into obj files ... r/releases
- gsmconv - Converts .obj models into gsm ... v/releases

Mortal Kombat Series (PC,DC,PS1,PS2,XBOX,WII,GC,PSP)
A lot of them, check here:
There's also an archive extractor for PC War Gods.

haltool - extracts and creates archives used in both versions of ICEngine

rockstar.wadtool - allows to work with multiple .wad using games from Rockstar Games
Supports: The Warriors (PS2/PSP also repacking) and Max Payne PS@

xpktool - extracts .xpk archives from Santa Claus In Trouble series

csaextractor - extracts .csa archives used in Nosferatu

cresextract - extracts archives used in Pat & Mat

Everything is open source so go take a look.

Re: ermaccer's Tools (multiple games)

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 7:59 pm
by shekofte
Thanks for Nosferatu