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[Help] Thronebreaker assets for a RPG tabletop

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 2:34 am
by toshfox
Hi Guys

I like to create maps (battlemaps) for my RPG tabletop on roll20.
After seeing that game thronebreaker, I got interested to use their assets for personal use.
I think their maps are handmade but after trying ninjaripper , I could see the graphic assets.
I don't want to save them with ninjaripper coz u need to finish the game and save textures every 10 min. Plus I am not good at this game so I can't do that.

The game was created with Unity.
With some tools I checked the assets but I dont find the graphic files

I have found another folder called StreamingAssets.
In a manifest file I could see the text, example :
- Assets/Campaigns/1_NR/Maps/1_Lyria/Terrain/GridTextures/grid_11_9.png
So I guess the files are there

Is there a way to extract these files?
I have tried a software demo called DevXUnity Unpacker and convert the file as bin but I can't open it ...
I have no idea what I am doing.. Maybe there is a simple way or maybe it's encrypted so not possible.

Any suggestions or tools to handle it ?