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3D Model Researcher - extract 3D models with Python

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Re: 3D Model Researcher - extract 3D models with Python

Post by AMDFreak2006 » Sun Oct 04, 2020 7:18 pm

Hello Lazov,

at first thanks for your great program. It allowed me to analyze the 3D format of an old game.
I was able to correctly get vertices, faces, normals as well as uv-maps within your program.

Sadly I have some small problem left:

When the FLIP Button is switched ON (standard setting) in 3D Model Researcher, I get a wrong placing of the UV map within the texture picture file.
The UV-map is shown vertically flipped around the center of the texture picture.

FLIP Button switched ON (standard setting):

This of course results in a wrong rendering too:

By switching the FLIP button OFF, 3D Model Researcher correctly flips the UV and shows the correct location in the texture picture:

FLIP Button switched OFF:

Of course the rendering is then also correct:

When I now save the file as OBJ and open it in any other 3D model editor, for example Blender or even a simple viewer as Microsofts Windows 10 built-in 3D-Viewer, the model is textured as if the Button FLIP has never been switched to OFF.

Looking at the UV-Map in Blender, it shows that it is located as if the FLIP button has been set to ON.


Is this a bug in 3D Model Researcher? It neither seems to save the flip button state within the OBJ file nor does it change any of the UV map coordinates, etc.

How can I get a correctly textured OBJ model export?

Thanks and best regards

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Re: 3D Model Researcher - extract 3D models with Python

Post by Lazov » Mon Oct 05, 2020 10:48 pm

Yes, the program does not take into account the position of the texture when saving the model. I will try to fix it in the new version.
Thanks for reporting the issue.

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