Model Inspector (binary files to OBJ)

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Re: Model Inspector (binary files to OBJ)

Post by herbert3000 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:54 pm

AceWell wrote:cool it finally launches on XP :D and i can load the truck.d3d and d3d.xml you had in the 0.5b release example,
now how do you save it out to obj, "File>Save file as..." is greyed out. i can copy the entire contents of the window to
clipboard but it isn't formatted properly when pasted.
what version is that shown in the image in the first post, is that version 0.9?
0.5b is not the latest version is it?
sorry for all the questions, just trying to get caught up. :)
That are actually two different tools, Model Inspector is for 3D models only, Binary Inspector is for multi-purpose usage :)
I also uploaded a 32bit version of the Model tool, link is in the first post (and yes, the image shows v0.9)
And for the Binary tool 0.5b is the latest version - well, I just uploaded 0.51b with the auto update option (see next line...).

@Lazov: Binary Inspector x86 now also has the option to uncheck auto update. For a manual update, just check the option and uncheck it again. Link is in my previous post.

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