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Cryengine Converter tool (cgf-exporter)

General game file tools that are useful for more than one game
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Re: Cryengine Converter tool (cgf-exporter)

Post by Halomaster481 »

Yea I'm also having the same problem that Fenris is having that some of the .skin files in Kingdom Come won't export giving the error of
There was an error rendering C:\Users\senad\Kcdriped\Kingdomcome\patch\Objects\characters\humans\cloth\

Version 802 of ChunkCompiledMorphTargets is not supported

at CgfConverter.CryEngineCore.Chunk.New[T](UInt32 version)
at CgfConverter.CryEngineCore.Chunk.New(ChunkType chunkType, UInt32 version)
at CgfConverter.CryEngineCore.Model.ReadChunks(BinaryReader reader)
at CgfConverter.CryEngineCore.Model.Load(String fileName)
at CgfConverter.CryEngine.ProcessCryengineFiles()
at CgfConverterConsole.Program.Main(String[] args)
So any help with this would be much appreciated!
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Re: Cryengine Converter tool (cgf-exporter)

Post by Kenvida »

There is any chance to pull out models in cabal 2 with animation.
Chr(+)caf using. I havn aion with caf but for aion only
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Re: Cryengine Converter tool (cgf-exporter)

Post by Markemp »

1.4.0 is released!

Lots of goodies happening here!
  • Updated the solution to .Net 6 and converted many files to take advantage of file scoped namespaces (as well as general code cleanup).
    Fixed material handling! It is more important than ever to ensure the game's object directory path is set up, since the converter really needs to find the material files for the model to work properly. Without it, it will create generic material names.
    Implement Half type in .Net and remove references to the math toolkit.
    Added an XML deserializer for Sonic Boom material files.
    Added support for older Cryengine games (version 0x744 which I believe is Cryengine 1 and 2).
    Fixed a bug in reading armatures for older versions (size has to be computed to get proper number of bones).
Known issues:
  • Older models with armatures have an issue where the armature is flipped 180 degrees from the model. This can be fixed in Blender by going into edit mode for the armature, selecting all the bones, rotating 180 degrees on the z axis, and slightly moving it on the y axis to match up with the model. Weight mapping does appear to be correct if you do it this way.

Add support for USD (Pixar's model format). This seems to be the most accepted standard for generic model formats, and the direction that Blender seems to be moving.
Create new videos on how to use the converter.

Link to the download:
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Re: Cryengine Converter tool (cgf-exporter)

Post by srredfire »

Hey Markemp, thanks for this tool. Quick question. I've taken a look at your ripped Hunt: Showdown content from the archive you posted, and while the .dae models load in programs like 3ds Max or Blender, it doesn't seem like either wants to play nice with the textures. For instance in 3ds Max it'll load the model entirely black and the normals are seemingly broken. What tools and/or procedure do you do in order to get these models to look how they should?

Also how did you end up unpacking the .pak files? I've got an old version of the game but 7zip doesn't want to extract them.
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