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Archangel: tool for Heroes of Might & Magic V (+ tutorials)

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Archangel: tool for Heroes of Might & Magic V (+ tutorials)

Post by Pesmontis » Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:53 am

Archangel v0.4

Image 01: Hero 'Kujin' in Archangel.

Image 02: 'Matron Chambers' (town) object in Archangel, displayed with it's vertex normals colors.

NAME = Archangel v0.4 (beta)
CATEGORY = 3D Model Tools
GAMES SUPPORTED = Heroes of Might & Magic V
FILE FORMATS = .SMD, .OBJ, .GR2, heroesmeshformat (no extension, GUID filename)
AUTHOR = Pesmontis
FILESIZE = 6.12 Mb
DOWNLOAD = Archangel v0.4 (beta)

DESCRIPTION = Archangel v0.4 can open and display meshes from the game Heroes of Might and Magic V. These meshes include creatures, effects, AIgeometries and buildings. In essence, the tool is meant for restoring a completely skinned mesh by combining mesh and GR2 skeleton. Output is an SMD reference file, for you to load eg. in 3DSmax7. The other way around is also possible: loading an SMD reference file and creating a new HoMM.V mesh file. Besides mesh exchange, the tool can also be used to quickly rotate textures in order to verify texture changes / enhancements.
Forum threads:
- english @ 'HeroesCommunity': Heroes Community - Could we make a basic model editor?
- german @ 'Drachenwald': Neues Programm fuer HoMM.V
- french @ 'Archangel Castle': Archangel lancé
- spanish @ 'Torre de Marfil': Herramienta HoMM.V 'Archangel'

Features (ao.):
- proper & tested HoMM.V mesh writing;
- reading & dumping HoMM.V AIgeometry files;
- writing simple HoMM.V AIgeometry files;
- vertex colors (re)loading;
- x-file writing;
- precise selection of bones and mesh parts;
- SMD reference file reading (including skeleton);
- OBJ file reading;
- exporting diffuse vertex colors as TGA files;
- storeable user settings (to the registry and/or to an INI-file);
- simultaneous model and bones display;
- french language support.
- SMD reference file writing (including skeleton);
- GR2 skeleton import;
- import and display of heroes;
- import and display of (large) static objects (town objects).

To do:
- merging meshes;
- editing and applying bone rotations / translations;
- create more sophisticated AIgeometry shapes;
- improve x-file export.
- fixing lighting.

- Archangel manual
- Changing Original HoMM.V Skeleton and Animations
- Warcraft III to HoMM.V Creature Conversion Guideline

- TSoD (french language translation);
- crazypill (bare mesh parser).

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