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Project Soul - VXT Editor [v1.5 | STABLE]

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Project Soul - VXT Editor [v1.5 | STABLE]

Post by TopazTK » Wed Aug 05, 2020 4:23 pm

NOTE: The name "Project Soul" refers to the tool suite project which has the goal of being able to edit games made by Namco's Project Soul Team. Not the team itself.

This tool is able to parse Soul Calibur 3's VXT Files and edit them.
This tool currently supports VXT1 and VTX2 with 8-bit Color Palettes.
This tool cannot change the sizes of the said images, nor can it change the palette type of them. But is planned.
This tool, currently, has an 85% parse success rate. The other 15% are 4bpp images and 32bpp images.

Planned Updates:
  • Being able to parse and edit 4bpp and 32bpp images.
  • Being able to edit VMP [Model] textures.
  • Being able to comply with In-Game Sizes instead of True-Sizes for a better editing experience.
  • Being able to create texture bunndles.
  • Being able to add to/remove from texture bundles.
  • Being able to resize textures.
  • Being able to change texture depth.
  • v1.0 STABLE
    • Made the tool.
  • v1.5 STABLE
    • Added support for VXT2 files.
    • Fixed some oddities with parsing larger textures.
Tool Information:
  • Created by: TopazTK
  • Created for: Project Soul Modding Suite [GitHub link soon.]
  • Supported Games: Soul Calibur 3
  • Supported Platforms: PS2
  • License: MIT [FOSS after I fix my spaghetti code, I promise.]
Screenshot Gallery:
Can be found at:

v1.0 STABLE:
v1.5 STABLE:

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