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Alan Wake and Alan Wakes American Nightmare Tools

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Alan Wake and Alan Wakes American Nightmare Tools

Post by Nostritius » Thu Feb 20, 2020 8:11 pm

I tried to understand the basic structure of Alan Wake and Alan Wakes American Nightmare in terms of how levels and general game data is structured and described. Through this I developed a set of python scripts which intend to translate these data files into a more readable description. Because of this, I was able to recreate a part of the observatory scenery from Alan Wakes American Nightmare as a test in blender. The tools can be found in

The rmdp archives can be unpacked using the script using the rmdp file and the corresponding bin file (which contains the metainformation) as arguments. In this directory structure scenes are saved as .bin files which are bare bones archives which can be unpacked using Now there should be several files with the naming scheme cid_*.bin. The tool can be used to translate the files cid_cellinfo.bin and cid_staticobjects.bin into xml form. The later contains information about the placement of objects in an alan wake scene. I plan to support more file from this (until I know what exactly they contains).

While all of the tools are tested against Alan Wakes American Nightmare, and some of them even work in Alan Wake (like unrmdp or unbin), I have focused on Alan Wakes American Nightmare, due to it having way less assets and rather simplistic levels without much corner cases. Also while I get the correct positions of the objects, it is still a difficulty to get the correct rotation even though it is lready printed in the output. The objects in the blender scene are rotated by hand. But still even without the rotation, it can be seen that the positioning is correct. It should also be noted, that the terrain seen in the picture is not the actual terrain, but rather ther terrain collision mesh generated by
Observatory Gate.jpg
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