Friday the 13th the game / umap maps / Unreal Engine 4

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Friday the 13th the game / umap maps / Unreal Engine 4

Post by MARK2580 » Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:15 am


I have no idea where to turn to me. I want to port one of the "Friday the 13th the game" maps for the Source Engine (gmod / sfm).

But I do not know how to get at least an approximate geometry of the map. Those. All mountains, hummocks, paths, hollows ... I tried to download many versions of UDK from version 4.13 to the latest version 4.17, but only got errors and crashes of the program.
I even turned to the developer umodel, but he replied that it does not support unreal cards and it is unlikely that it will ever be.
Tell me how to get at least some information from the *.umap files of this game.

I also used Ninja Ripper, but I got only spherical meshes. The author of the program replied that this is a program bug due to the engine's features and until this is fixed.

I apologize in advance for bad English or for an incorrect topic place. I use a translator.

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