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IA/VT -Colorful-

Programs that are related to this or that game.
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IA/VT -Colorful-

Post by ProjectDiva » Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:29 pm

I didn´t now which subforums I would choose to write in, I give it a try here.
(Feel free to move the thread if it works that way).
Thanks to chrrox I have been decrypted my IA-VT -Colorful- game on PS Vita to my computer.
The question is: Which program/tool(s) should I use to convert these files to either Wavefront OBJ. or PMD/PMX file extension?
When I decrypted the game with psvimg tools I had a main folder and some subfolders: one .bin file, two .sfo files, five .png files
(that I can´t open), one data base file, thirteen .icv files, xml document and just a file without extension.
Does someone knows where the 3D-models files is, the icv. files???

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