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Re: Beyond: Two Souls - Reversing | Porting (THAT'S ALL FOLK

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:38 am
by HugoPeters
Unlimitedskills wrote:Beyond two Souls is a very fun game. Like everyone else i was looking to see where all this research led. But alas its dead. I'm starting to notice this HugoPeters doesnt finish the projects he starts. He did the same thing with Star Fox Adventures E3 2002 prototype (looking for dinosaur planet remnants) over at

It started in 2013. 5 years and 40 pages later and god knows how many man hours wasted he creates a tool everyones been waiting for then vanishes without releasing it. Then does the most absurd thing ever. A random guy with a youtube channel pops up out of a cave asking if he can show off his new tool. Hugo shares his tool to this random stranger because of the attention he will bring on youtube.

All the research that kcat and everyone else did,he took all thier knowledge and built a tool to view models/assets from the game. piggy backing off others work. Instead of releasing the tool to all the visitors/fans/dedicated followers who have been following that thread for years a random dude comes along with no interest in the game,never been to rustedlogic and could care less about dinosaur planet and this is the fool Hugo decides to send his tools to for attention? The youtuber was so lost 2 guys kett and kokorogensou had to explain to him what the models represent,what hes looking at,what the game is about etc....Im like dude what are you doing? Like someone else said its like Hugo is doing it for attention. No one wants to see 50 pictures of new models you found. Everyone wants to use the tool themselves and see what they can discover and these are legit dinosaur planet fans who have been studying/researching the game that was never released for god knows how many years. Can't stand to see peoples research go to waste for 1 person's insecurity.
Hey, Unlimitedskills, if you really have unlimited skills you could easily do this work yourself, like Gh0stBlade suggested :)

Alright, I feel like addressing this properly once and for all, as you're definitely not the only one with this opinion.

Let's put one thing up front: My goal is and has been to have a career in the games industry.
Just for that reason, it would be dumb to release projects like B2S, as it would only harm my reputation within the industry.
There's a fine line between a "cool project" and "illegal" in this case. When I visited a certain developer in Amsterdam they were extremely impressed with the B2S project but reassured it's good I didn't release any of it, or I would not have been invited. :roll:
Selfish? Maybe, but people seem so self entitled, it really confuses me. What makes you think you automatically should have the right to own what I make?
I put in the hours, I get to decide what to do with it, right? Nobody is paying me, I don't owe anything to you...
I understand it sucks to see cool stuff and then not get it for yourself, but I ask you to have some respect for my decisions.

Unfortunately this stuff can be controversial, so I'm extremely hesitant to release anything. There's many reasons that should be self explanatory in regards to this.
That being said, I did release a similar project, a model viewer for No Man's Sky models, which got featured a ton:

B2S I obviously can't release as I was asked to stop working on it by QD.
Because I did that I now have a good relation with them and talk to some of the devs from time to time, and it's all on good terms.
Some people who worked at QD who are aware of the project are now at the company I'm at and so, it's a small industry where you have to protect your reputation - is the point I'm trying to make I guess.

Dinosaur Planet, you got it wrong I'm afraid!
First of all, I use bits of other people's research that have been released, so I'm not keeping anything from anyone that's done by others.
Second of all, I don't use "all" of their research, and I'm not bragging when I say most of the stuff I show I've done myself, without help from others.
I am actually very much working on it as we speak and got some awesome things coming soon, I just like to post/release things on forums when there's a good amount to show instead of doing it gradually, that way it's a lot more noteworthy when it drops ;)
I've announced on a few places already that I am working on a web-based model viewer using my own engine (for everyone, not just tech-savvy people), with the goal to faithfully recreate parts of a scene from DP with the data that we have.

The H4G video - I don't release crap, so that's why I thought this was a good (temporary) way of allowing a larger audience to see the cool bits :)

Also, releasing tools individually requires a lot of work to just make them usable for the community, and at that point the amount of people that can actually use them is very small, whereas I like to create something standalone and user friendly, so everyone can enjoy it.
See it as a tribute to the game, rather than just hacking tools :)
Besides, there's only so much data to DP and I've covered about 99% of it already anyway!

So, I hope this makes sense to you and you understand my perspectives a bit better now.

One last note, Kett and Kokorogensou are actually friends of mine and ask not to be involved in your trashing of me, so if you plan on writing any more messages keep them out of your argumentation please :)

Re: Beyond: Two Souls - Reversing | Porting (THAT'S ALL FOLKS?)

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 5:52 pm
by NeoNull80
I might be a bit late but I thought id post this here anyways. ... -exclusive

Re: Beyond: Two Souls - Reversing | Porting (THAT'S ALL FOLKS?)

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 3:06 am
by nightride
I don't suppose there's some way of finding out which point in the game that certain audio is from?

Re: Beyond: Two Souls - Reversing | Porting (THAT'S ALL FOLKS?)

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 5:54 pm
by Anthony7890050
hello I can have more than two souls PS3 files please :)

Re: Beyond: Two Souls - Reversing | Porting (THAT'S ALL FOLKS?)

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 5:14 am
by Alvare
Erm.. did anyone ever figure out why the arm texture is blue?

I mean, that's some otherworldly looking arm right there.

Re: Beyond: Two Souls - Reversing | Porting (THAT'S ALL FOLKS?)

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 7:40 am
by darkbabe2
Anyone haw the Ryan Clayton model?.If so can someone send it to me pls its the only model i need from this game

Re: Beyond: Two Souls - Reversing | Porting (THAT'S ALL FOLKS?)

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 6:09 pm
by ProGamer
hello I can have your tool Beyond: Two Souls // InfraTool thank you :)