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Dump/Insert Script BMS Metal Gear Solid

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Dump/Insert Script BMS Metal Gear Solid

Post by carnage » Thu Apr 04, 2013 8:55 pm

Friends come here asking for help.

I'm with the translation of Metal Gear Solid (PSX) more or less 5 years, this game deserves a translation level because of that I'm taking with her.

Well, I would be very possible to create a script for the BMS Quickbms.

I'll leave the link of the file that contains the texts, but like much of a total extraction of source files, images (TIM, DDS, etc. ..)

The Russians were doing a translation where everything could change in ISO (images and text).

This would be possible with a BMS Script?

BRF.DAT (5.5 MB)!id50GKpb!ewKsvXS3H ... lqmEXPlS-U

STAGE.DIR (68.6 MB)!6BAFiDAZ!GXxLoDvU8 ... yvpzplwkHE

RADIO_edit.DAT (1.7 MB)!XFBwWbbY!Q9VFW0nIF ... 3MpfaNa520

Metal_Gear_Solid_Disk1_NTSC.img (672.9 MB)!ic4kDa4L!QKGVyHHIM ... bT1aJajb0g

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