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Divinity II DKS (Xbox360) dxg savegame

Want to beat the game a cheater? Figure out Savegame file formats here.
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Divinity II DKS (Xbox360) dxg savegame

Post by selyb » Sun Jun 26, 2011 6:01 pm

This is what I have figured out so far about the save file
(The below offsets are relative to the attached pic)

Code: Select all

0x0		dword	32-bit checksum
0x4		dword	length of file minus first 8 bytes
0x8		dword	save game number
0xC		dword	lenth of following string

0x24		these are the same in all of my save files
			dword 03 00 00 00
			dword 04 00 00 00
			dword 01 00 00 00
0x30		these 8 bytes are date/time

0x38		length of following string

0x56		these 6 bytes are the same on all my saves
			word	01 00
			word	00 00
			word	01 00

0x5C		length of following string
0x63		length of following string
0x7B		length of following string
0x82		12 bytes unknown
0x8E		length of following string

0xA4		these 14 bytes are the same on all my saves
			word	00 00
			dword	00 02 01 00
			dword	43 64 00 00
			dword	43 10 00 00

0xB2		length of screenshot
0xB6		screenshot file
0x201B6		length of zip file
0x201BA		zip file
we could use some help figuring out the algorithm for the checksum
is there a tool that will brute force custom crc32? google has not been friendly with me :(

Here are 3 consecutive saves for Ego Draconis
Here are 3 consecutive saves for Flames of Vengeance

Original research at (must register to view)
Other discussion at
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