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Megarace 3 Savegame (SAV) understanding

Want to beat the game a cheater? Figure out Savegame file formats here.
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Megarace 3 Savegame (SAV) understanding

Post by Matsilagi » Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:47 am

Since i cant complete the game normally, i will need someone's help to.
I have 2 savefiles for this game, one of them has almost all the ships with the exception of one unlocked, all the tracks with the exception of one unlocked, MYTH's savegame (which unlocks only the modes), and a 0% savegame (3.sav).
I would like to know what to edit so i unlock the last ship (and the last track if possible)
I have also included a game.dat (includes High Scores, not sure if needed)

Incase you need the ship's names (ones that are locked), they are:MantaRay,NanoTrition,Hyper-Ion and XtraBee (Not sure if needed, but i have seen bytes changing around their names)

The savefiles can be downloaded here:!kcUwTb6J!aPSoPC_6y ... IXRgImHqTI

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