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WWE 2K14 Fantasy CAW Saves for both 360 and PS3?

Want to beat the game a cheater? Figure out Savegame file formats here.
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WWE 2K14 Fantasy CAW Saves for both 360 and PS3?

Post by setho123113 » Wed Sep 01, 2021 3:54 am

Hello everyone,
I am Seth.
I am looking for anyone that has any fantasy CAWS for WWE Games like SVR 2010, all the way up to WWE 2K14.

the CAW creators that I am going to mention are people who have made fantasy CAWS in the past.

"SSPD077" (made various CAWS from video games, H-Anime, etc) (unfortunately something tragic happened to him about his Xbox and recently his personal and family life. when I messaged him on DeviantArt. he's going through a lot right now.)

"M Hale Gaming" (made CAWS of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, etc characters)

"Itachi4937" (very detailed CAW creator made CAWS up to 2K14 Last Gen) ... dNjNuYwBtN ... p71OAnTLFM ... PsxpUo39dk ... QqOl8jPoia ... CpWhrJj47o ... CD466EC055 ... p7r3GJmBDR

if you guys have any information regarding Savedata for SVR, 2K games of Fantasy Wrestlers. please feel free to let me know.
(make sure to make backups of the files!)


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