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Info on audio file formats for US Navy Fighters

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Info on audio file formats for US Navy Fighters

Post by rookie » Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:45 am

Hi all,

USNF was one of the games from Jane's Combat Flight Simulations series, released in the late '90s.

There used to be an active modding community around it, now no longer. Searches lead to dead links like this one:

Probably a long shot, but I'm hoping someone can share some information on the audio format(s) used in this game.

The most useful information I've found is this:

I'm able to extract raw audio files, extension .5k and .11k, which are supposedly raw PCM. I can convert the files to .wav using ffmpeg. They are playable and some are crystal clear, however the majority of them have a noisy squeal in the background, which I believe is due to some compression. (Tried every possible combination of bit resolution, endian-ness, and mono/stereo, which would all give different type of squeal). Also tried opening with Audacity - same result.

I'd upload some samples, but not sure if I'm allowed to do that.

Anyone have any info or tools that might help? TIA

**Edit: Just realised that I put post in the wrong section. Maybe a mod can move it? So sorry **

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