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Metal Gear Solid Wiki (And Discord)

Posted: Thu May 11, 2017 7:59 pm
by JayK
Hello everyone, recently a group of us who have previously created tools and reversed file types for metal gear solid games decided to create a wiki to share all of our knowledge. A lot of it is work that we have done alone over the years and kept knowledge to ourselves on. We decided instead to collaborate in order to create better tools that could do more advanced modding, hopefully getting to point where we can compile our own gcx files and rescript parts of the game.

To begin with we have set up a wiki and have already started adding the information that we know of various file types and will continue to work on a GUI tool for extraction and repacking of archive formats, which we will extend to editing scripts and waypoints in the future.

If you wish to contribute or hope to just learn something you are welcome to read the wiki or join the discord, we're hoping we can get more people that have experience with the metal gear solid games to expand the knowledge.